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Só Alegria guesthouse became from a dream, “building a guesthouse at the beach.” The pleasure of welcoming appears as a great characteristic. The name Só Alegria, which means “Just Gladness”, came up from the way that Romano faces life, and the guesthouse could not be called with a different name. Romano is, definitely, a person who spreads happiness between the guests and staff.

Front beach, the guesthouse is located at São Miguel do Gostoso, one of the most beautiful beaches of the state Rio Grande do Norte. The guesthouse is managed by the owners, Romano and Fatima, who can count with a team of attentive, friendly and dedicated staff, very well prepared.

Everything was planned thinking about each single detail. At the comfy garden and below the vine, hammocks to rest and relax are added to all the carefully visualized structure, bringing comfort and well being to the guests.

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Only some steps from the sand, our swimming pool is found, ideal for a swim after a walk at the beach.

In front of the beach, the lookout is perfect to appreciate the beauty of the beach at São Miguel do Gostoso and to enjoy special and romantic moments.

The apartments are charming and comfortable, wonderful for days of rest and peace.

Malagueta, the restaurant of the guesthouse, offers a number of delights, since a gorgeous breakfast until the dinner.

“Turismo Melhor” – Gold Class – We are classified with 3 stars by the Ministry of Tourism PAS/ABNT

To welcome all of the guests and to provide always the highest efficiency and comfort, we offer 1 adapted luxury suite for people with special needs.

Só Alegria is also concerned about the environment; therefore, we do some actions to minimize the impacts on the nature, such as ecological pits, recycling and sun warming showers.

A dream that became true
today it is "Just Gladness"!